Vision, Mission & Culture

Origin of Bali: A magical island where dreams come true.


Baligames joins the gamified ecomonies to lower the hurdles for non-crypto gamers and become a catalyst for mass-adoption. 


Iconic global Web3 casual game platform with rapid growth 

Rapid growth defines our DNA 

Baligames consists of triple A members with profound experiences and know-hows in mobile gaming and blockchain industries. 

Baligames members are always the best in the right place. 

Baligames pursues relentless growth and development into the prosperous future. 


Partnered with Sky Mavis, 

The pioneer of Web3 Gaming Industry 

  Powerful IP: Axie Infinity  

The famous Axie characters will come to the Baligames future titles! 

Ronin Network 

Baligames will be on the Ronin Network to build a stable Web3 game-play environment with the Ronin Wallet. 


We are producing web3 games using Sky Mavis' Axie Infinity IP, 

and we will lead the popularization of Ronin networks by producing casual games. 


Origin of Bali: A magical island where dreams come true.

Focused strategist 

We concentrate on game production with out know-hows, accelerating game launch. 

Strong Membership 

Baligames team members trust, respect and support each other. Each member has extraordinary capabilities and experiences. 

Delightful Craftsmanship 

We feel happy when we make fun games while game players can earn value from play. 

Bold Leadership 

We only make decisions with reasons and create games with faith. 

Logical Thinkers 

We work based on principles while finding answers to challenges. 

Global Community 

Games have no borders. Games are already global content. 

Optimistic Builders 

We are optimists. We have been and we will be. Keep Building. 

Curious adventurer 

We are curious builders who love to tackle challenges and find solutions. 

Baligames Members 


Expert in game art, development and design 

with many years of experiences 


Expert in brand marketing and business partnership 


Full stack developer in the universe 

Team Leaders 



Client _Meta

communication Lead _Steve

Job Description  

We are looking for exceptionally talented people to join our team. 



 - Game server development and operation

- P2E service development using Blockchain

- Design expandable service architecture utilizing AWS and GCP


- 3+ years of experiences in web services or game services

- RestAPI development experiences utilizing languages including Python, PHP, Node.js, and Java

- Having knowledge of Data Structure, Algorithm, Object-oriented development 

- Having interests and experiences on Devops, Container, Cloud services

 - Having knowledge of HTTP, Network, Database 

[Tech Stack] 

- Linux 

- Docker (CloudRun or ECS)

- Git 

- GCP 

- Postgresql 

- Redis 

- Python (FastAPI)



- Game server development and operation

- Game server development and operation

- Mobile game development using Unity


 - Having knowledge of Data Structure, Algorithm, Object-oriented development

- Having game development experiences using C# and Unity engine

- Having experiences of Web3 service development 

- iOS and AOS Native developers

- Having experiences of utilizing Spine program

- Having experiences of Shader programs (Fragment, Vertex, Graph, etc)

[Tech Stack]

- Database Unity3D

- C#



 - Game concept art creation for new games

- In-game 2D resource development


- Having casual game development experiences

- Having experiences of game concept sketch

- Team player with good communication skills

- Passionate about own creations

- High understanding on Casual game artwork

[Tech Stack] 

- Photoshop

- Unity

- Spine

- Illustrator

*Applicants must submit their own portfolios.

The door to Baligames is always open to you!

If you want to rock the Global Web3 game industry, 

please do not hesitate to send a message to the following contact. 

We are waiting for you.

Baligames Life 

With Passion and strong heart

"It's about bringing together casual game users from all over the world and creating fun, interesting, and casual games that inspire their lives." 😉 

We are always ready. Feel free to contact me anytime. 

We are waiting for you.